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At the Beginning of My TIME...

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Hello, my name is Tracy. At the Beginning of My TIME, I was a normal young person just out of school, looking for: a "Real Job," to get married, buy a house, have children, and live happily ever after. HAH! Now that I am 37 years old, I have had several jobs: private investigator, workers compensation adjuster, real estate agent, and attorney. My life events so far are anything but “normal”. My husband was killed in a car crash, after which I lost my unborn baby. I completed law school and passed the bar exam. I’ve been in two highly abusive relationships, owned four homes, ran my own businesses, learned to grow weed, and okay, wait. This list could go on forever. But you get my point. I have been through a lot of crazy shit.

So now at the current place of My TIME, I am not looking for a real job, to get married, buy a house, or have children. But I am trying to figure out how to live happily ever after. The challenge is, what does this really mean? It means, I am trying to figure out who I really am as a person. What do I enjoy? How can I be successful? What does love mean? All the way down to, who do I want to be as a person? What makes me feel content and at peace?

So, after writing the first two paragraphs of my first blog and discussing it with a close friend, I decided that within my blog there is going to be a series called My TIME. I have decided this because this is a never-ending topic that is forever changing in and around me.

For informative purposes for my future followers, this is who I am now: I am an entrepreneur who owns a Marijuana Dispensary (, an online Smoke Shop (, and now I am an aspiring blogger/influencer. After feeling restricted from expressing who I am most of my life, I want to share my story with the world and hopefully help some people learn from my thoughts, experiences, and mistakes. I am a single woman who isn't interested in any romantic relationships at this very point in my life because about six months ago I had to run away from my own home to escape from an extremely abusive relationship and my heart and soul are still recovering. I am a pet Mom to Gizmo (Black and white old-lady cat), Cleo (Gray, one-eyed old lady cat), Mo (Black kitten #1), Beta (Black kitten #2), Nyla (Red nose Pitbull), Albi and Georgia (Angora bunnies), and a bunch of chickens led by Larry and Martha. I live on 5 acres in the middle of a pine forest and love the outdoors. I am still in search of those things that make me feel content and at peace in this world but I am slowly learning.


About Me


I am here to try and expand our minds to help figure out who we could become. I have lived many life events that have gotten me to where I am today and I want to share how these experiences have changed who I am and who I want to be. The meaning of Mo Beta is not just my cats names or within my business names but a inspiration for everyone to be More. To be Better.


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