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My Thoughts About Weed

In general, I believe that weed can be enormously helpful in every adult’s life. Growing up I was taught that weed was a drug and BAD. But that is a view that I think has changed greatly around the world. It has done so many different things for my everyday life, after I got over the negative stigma. After everything I have been though, it makes it so I can function on a daily basis. When I say function I mean, not only help me physically move but mentally focus, reduce anxiety so I can be around people, help me relax so I can sleep, and so many more helpful things. However, I don’t think if I started smoking when I was younger that I would have been able to accomplish everything I have. I think the young mind needs to develop fully before it can be introduced to marijuana. It’s also a responsibility thing. While I do smoke weed to relax and brighten my mood, I do not need or want to do it all the time.

I think weed has different uses and is appropriate in only certain situations. It also takes a certain amount of accountability to oneself to not use marijuana all the time. I assess my situation to determine what kind of weed I need to smoke if any. Do I need help getting motivated to move in the morning? Or do I need help to be comfortable around people? Or do I need pain relief? Or do I need to be able to focus? Or be creative? Or relax and need help falling asleep? Or am I ok without it? Over time with experience and with the help of what I read about different strains, I figured out what strains work for me for my various issues. I also learned that smoking weed in different ways also contributes to the quality of the experience. I believe there are different levels of being “high” that matter. Do I need immediate and extreme help? Or do I just need to take the edge off my anxiety to be around people, but don’t want to seem “high?”

Overall, my experience with weed and its benefits is ongoing and ever expanding as I try new strains in new ways. As a dispensary owner, I have decided that I want to share my experience with you. One of my best friends and very talented artists and I are going to work together to write down in words and illustrate with drawings how different strains and different smoking techniques affect us. I have not worked out exactly how we are going to share them with the world as of yet. However, please feel free to make recommendations or requests under the inspiration section on the front page of

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