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Review Series: White Apricot Sherbet

Today’s discussion is about the White Apricot Sherbet strain of weed. This is in the form of a concentrate by Fire Cannabis Gold. This strain is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. Fire Cannabis has a fully licensed commercial kitchen, with a Hydrocarbon extraction lab, and Closed Loop Hydrocarbon machines to produce premium vape products. This strain has 63% THC and .14% CBD.

White Apricot Sherbet was tried on two separate occasions by the Mo Beta Green testers. It was smoked out of a Dabtron, which is an electric dabrig that controls the temperature at which the dab is heated. On the second test, it was smoked with a Lookah Seahorse Max. The Seahorse is an electric nectar collector where the tip is heated and then touched it to the concentrate. Both methods are highly effective. Note, when using either method, it is best not to heat the product over 380 degrees Fahrenheit. If the dab gets too hot, some of the “good stuff” is burned away and the experience is lessened. Also, the hotter the product is burned, the harsher the hit. While smoking White Apricot Sherbet, the testers experienced firsthand the difference between a smooth hit and a hit that caused an intense cough. Also, concentrates are literally more condensed weed and usually provide a more intense and immediate high.

After taking a hit of White Apricot Sherbet, it was fast bliss. Mo Beta Green testers experienced head to toe relief of pain. It was like a release of all tension in both the body and mind. This dab was great for a rainy afternoon watching lifetime movies kind of high. There was mellow and happy talk. It gave the testers the munchies, but it made the food taste great! Everything tasted wonderful.

Mo Beta Green testers recommend White Apricot Sherbet concentrate for small get togethers with close friends or for individual use to help with pain relief, depression, and anxiety.

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