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The Benefits of Silicone

Silicone is an extremely popular option for smoking apparatuses. You can now get bongs, bubblers, and all sorts of pipes and accessories that are completely silicone or with some glass parts. For example, you can get a bong that still uses a glass downstem and bowl piece. You can also replace a glass downstem with a silicone downstem. There are bongs that combine silicone with glass or even resin to make even more interesting pieces. You can get silicone pipes that have a glass piece where you put the flower in. There are chillums that are covered in silicone to protect the glass and hold the flower in when not in use, like the Grav Labs Octo Tasters. There are dab containers and dab mats made of silicone too! There are nectar collectors that are all silicone except for piece that gets heated which is either quarts or titanium. Then there are things like silicone adapter pieces, silicone carb caps, silicone mouth pieces, silicone ring joint holders, silicone tipped dab tools, and silicone finger sleeves that are all used to assist and make the smoking experience easier and more enjoyable.

Silicone has many benefits that explain its growing popularity. For example, silicone is extremely easy to clean. The best way that I have found is to freeze your silicone pipe with 99% proof alcohol in the dirty parts. The alcohol wont freeze but will actually pull off the bad stuff so you can just wipe your bong clean. Silicone is not perfect and sometimes the weed bi-product will still stain the silicone, but it will be smooth and ready to smoke a lot easier than say a glass bong. Silicone bongs and pipes often come apart into pieces easily; which helps make them easier to clean also.

Next, silicone does not conduct heat and generally does not melt under extreme heat. It can hold the nectar collector heated piece while not burning the person who is holding the nectar collector. Along the same lines, silicone does not break. Dropping silicone, hitting silicone against a hard object, or even throwing it across the room is not going to damage silicone. Because of this quality, silicone is easier to travel with. You can stick it in your pocket or your purse and not worry about the piece breaking.

The growing popularity of silicone smoking products has created a surge in creative shapes to make the smoking experience have a lasting impression on everyone. Don’t forget your silicone donut keychain one hitter, your banana shaped bong or pipe, your pipe that looks like a bee or even a chicken leg, your unicorn bong or silicone dinosaur egg bong for your weekend camping trip to be used with your friends around the campfire!

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